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Coolant Long Life - Green

Product Code : MLP4500


Marvelor Long Life Coolant Green (LLO) is a premium quality, organic, long-life anti-boil/anti-freeze coolant concentrate. COOLANT LLO is based on carboxylate technology and contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates, or amines. It is suitable for both automotive and heavy-duty diesel engines.


COOLANT LLO contains 90% mono ethylene glycol and a double inhibitor package, ensuring ultimate corrosion protection and extended service life. Anti-boil and antifreeze protection are equally afforded with substantially higher rust and corrosion protection than competitor products. It is the ultimate in up-to-date coolant technology.


Provides maximum protection against ‘hot spot’ corrosion, common in aluminum cylinder heads.
COOLANT LLO has a service life of up to 5 years / 500,000kms* in automotive applications and up to 6 years / 600,000kms / 6,000hrs* in heavy-duty diesel. This has obvious environmental advantages as a result of fewer coolant changes. There are no deleterious effects on hoses or gaskets. (* at a 50/50 dilution ratio)


Choose Marvelor Long Life Coolant Green (LLO) for its exceptional corrosion protection, extended service life, and compatibility with a wide range of engines. Marvelor is committed to providing high-quality coolant solutions that meet the demands of modern engine technology while ensuring optimal performance and environmental sustainability.