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Marvelor 11Kw/15Hp Screw Air Compressor

Product Code : MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO


Product Overview

Part Number: MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO



Experience unparalleled efficiency and performance with Marvelor Trade Supply's MTS1015-VSD Rotary Screw Air Compressor. Designed for continuous use, this cutting-edge air compressor embodies the pinnacle of innovation, featuring a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and Permanent Magnet Screw Compressor technology. Ideal for industrial applications demanding the highest standards of air supply, the MTS1015-VSD offers a seamless blend of power, durability, and silent operation.

MTS15PV-AIO: The All-in-One Powerhouse

The MTS15PV-AIO model is the latest addition to our portfolio, designed for businesses looking to maximize space and minimize installation hassle without compromising on performance. This all-in-one solution integrates a Screw Compressor, Air Dryer, and required filters, all mounted on an Air Tank Receiver. It's the perfect choice for operations where space is at a premium and simplicity is key.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Screw Compressor and Air Dryer mounted on an Air Tank Receiver for a compact footprint.
  • Includes necessary filters, ensuring clean, dry air for your operations, right out of the box.
  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance, significantly reducing setup times and operational disruptions.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an efficient, space-saving air compressor solution.

Highlights of MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO 

Power and Efficiency: With a power range of 10HP to 50HP (7.5-37KW) and utilizing VSD technology, our compressor adapts to your air demand while minimizing energy consumption, offering up to 30% energy savings compared to conventional air compressors.

Advanced Technology: Leveraging Screw Compressor and Permanent Magnet technology, the MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO delivers continuous, reliable performance with the added benefit of reduced operational costs.

Silent Operation: Operating within a noise level of 66-77 dB(A), our air compressor provides a quieter solution, making it suitable for environments where noise is a concern.

Flow Rate and Pressure: Offering a Free Air Delivery (FAD) of 520-6050 l/min and pressure settings from 8-10 bar, this compressor is versatile enough to handle a wide range of industrial applications.

Robust and Reliable: Weighing between 251-654 kg, the MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO  is built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.


1. Stable Air Supply: The MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO ensures a consistent and stable supply of compressed air, critical for optimizing your operations and enhancing productivity.

2. Reduced Noise Pollution: Enjoy a quieter working environment, thanks to our compressor's low noise output, significantly lower than traditional models within a three-meter distance.

3. Exceptional Energy Savings: Embrace sustainability and cost efficiency with the MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO. Its advanced technology allows for substantial energy savings, reducing operational costs over the compressor's lifespan.

4. Stable Output Pressure: Crucial for equipment reliant on compressed air, the MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO guarantees stable output pressure, directly impacting the quality and yield of your final product, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Choose Marvelor Trade Supply

Opt for the MTS1015-VSD / MTS15PV-AIO Rotary Screw Air Compressor for an investment in quality, efficiency, and reliability. Marvelor Trade Supply is committed to providing innovative solutions that drive productivity and profitability for your business. Experience the difference with our state-of-the-art air compressor.

For more information and to place an order, contact us today. Marvelor Trade Supply – Powering your success with precision engineering and unmatched efficiency.

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