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Product Code : MLP5540


80W90 GL5 is an extreme pressure multi grade manual gearbox lubricant offering superior wear protection and excellent low temperature characteristics designed to give maximum protection to gearboxes and differentials.


80W90 GL5 is ideal for modern 4 and 5 speed manual gearboxes and is designed to give maximum protection to gearboxes and differentials operating in severe conditions.


Designed to meet the demands of modern vehicles, Marvelor 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil is ideal for use in 4 and 5-speed manual gearboxes. It is specifically engineered to deliver excellent protection and performance in gearboxes and differentials operating under severe conditions.


Choose Marvelor 80W90 Gear Oil for maximum gearbox and differential protection. This high-quality oil is designed to provide reliable performance and exceptional durability, keeping your drivetrain components operating at their best. Marvelor is committed to delivering superior lubrication solutions for your vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.