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Product Code : MLP9300


GLOBALPRO 15W-40 CI4/SL is a multifunctional semi synthetic petrol/diesel oil representing a new generation motor oil which provides better protection from piston deposits, less oil thickening and sludge deposits, and exceptional anti-wear protection under high speed high stress motoring conditions.

With its versatile viscosity rating of 15W-40, Marvelor 15w 40 synthetic motor oil ensures optimal lubrication and protection for a wide range of engines. Whether you have a petrol or diesel vehicle, this diesel motor oil 15w-40 is designed to meet your engine's specific needs.


Choose Marvelor 15w40 diesel motor oil for reliable engine performance and protection. This multi-functional oil is formulated to deliver enhanced protection against deposits, reduce oil thickening, and promote a cleaner engine. Its exceptional anti-wear properties ensure that your engine remains protected even in demanding driving conditions.

Available Pack: 205L, 60L, 20L